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At Illuminare management group as your outsourced family office and Business management partner we focus on both providing guidance and taking the journey with you. We are a team of passionate players who understand that while we work for you, it is our job to work with you to create the right strategy and solutions for all your moving parts.  


At the same time you might already know just how hard it is to find a team with all the right players to accomplish your goals.  That is why, we here at Illuminare have spent the last 25 years to surround ourselves with the players who have the right tools to service all your needs as they exist and come at us in the future.  By most standards it is rare to have such a well built team to cover all someones needs.


In fact, its so rare that we liken it to Baseball and the term a Five tool player. In baseball, a five tool player is one that that scouts look for when making decisions on whether or not they make the team, and if so, how they will be used.  So rare in fact, that currently there are a little more than a handful of players who have all 5 skills to make them a five tool player who are currently playing in the major league. 


The bottom line for us is that we know you have a lot of choices on who you work with to assist you will all of your moving parts.  The team here at Illuminare takes great pride in the fact that through relationships and collaboration we are able to bring all the tools you need to keep you and your family moving forward.  As your manager we are up to the challenge and embrace the opportunity to get you there.  

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