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What can the illuminare team do for you? 

At Illuminare management group we offer outsourced family office services as the general manager of the team with the sole purpose to support the "Business of Life" for all the complex moving parts and financial needs of a specific individual or family group.   Our management team provides the strategy, implementation and execution of you and your families goals.  We integrate the execution of future plans along with present needs which include investment strategy, tax strategy, business strategy, philanthropic strategy and personal service needs.  


Our experience in working with high net worth and wealthy families goes back over 25 years.  Along with that experience comes a unique set of relationships and a network of service providers nearly unmatched as to meeting a clients needs.  It is those priceless relationships that enable us to keep a family moving in almost any direction you need to go.  The best part is that while we are an extension of you, as an outsourced partner we have great buying power with all our vendors and service providers so we can keep your costs down while at the same time accomplishing all your goals.  Whether we are paying bills on your behalf, or handling a real estate, aircraft or business transfer, the Illuminare team has you covered.  


We welcome the opportunity to assist you with any and all of the following needs: 


Family Office services available.


  • Accounting and reporting 

  • Compliance and risk management

  • Insurance review and implementation 

  • Captive/Self insurance tax and accounting 

  • Data management

  • Banking and Finance

  • Business strategy through execution

  • Aviation acquisition, disposition and management 

  • Boat and Yacht acquisition, disposition and management

  • Real estate acquisition, disposition and management

  • Collection and valuables management

  • Human resource services

  • Document management 

  • Investment management 

  • Income tax planning, compliance and strategy

  • Specialized services and family education 

  • Philanthropic planning

  • Wealth advisory 


The illuminare experience.

In recent years the individuals and families with a lot of moving parts have embraced the family office model and more specifically an outsourced family office model.  For the most part the family office model has been designed to react to a clients needs and protect the family. The team here at Illuminare has taken the unique approach to combine all the traditional family office services you have come to know, with the added value of entrepreneurial business strategy and execution as needed for clients.  Our vast experience serving affluent individuals has taught us that the entrepreneurial spirit doesn't just stop because you have reached certain financial milestones.  


In fact, with the entrepreneurial spirit in mind, and emerging industries so prevalent to todays economy we have developed our business strategy playbooks and trusted advisor networks to help you build several different types of companies in many different directions, both with you and for you. This is not your parents Family office.      

Telephone: (949) 474-8500




Fax: (949) 474-8510

1401 Quail Street, Suite 140​


Newport Beach, CA 92660

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