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The founders of Illuminare have been property owners and investors for over 20 years.  Who better than someone that understands the importance of owning real estate, and more importantly is able to figure out the tax ramifications and benefits of each transaction?  Being able to provide tax guidance, ownership strategy and end user rationale to our clients is one of the most fulfilling opportunities we have.  

Our experience in servicing Commercial, residential and mixed use building owners affords us a unique perspective to take our clients through the right process that will maximize value, enhance the real estate ownership experience and minimize both tax and personal liabilities in almost every scenario.  

Since our strength is in tax, guidance and strategy, we rely on well seasoned relationships with 100's of trusted advisors to assist you in any real estate direction you go.  

Available services:

  • Property management

  • Real estate syndication

  • Acquisition and disposition

  • Tax and audit strategy

  • Permits and filings

  • Banking and Finance

  • Multi property accounting

  • Contaminated property resolution

  • Domestic help services

  • Construction services 

  • Architectural services

Regardless of the need, direction or solution desired, the team at Illuminare is standing by and ready to assist. Please call us now with any questions.  


Telephone: (949) 474-8500




Fax: (949) 474-8510

1401 Quail Street, Suite 140​


Newport Beach, CA 92660

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