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The team at Illuminare has worked closely with Dentists, Dentists, Engineers, Health Care, Legal and Sales professionals and other successful service providers for the last 25 years.  


During that time our founders have embraced their role as both tax and business strategists.  We understand that you, as a service provider excels in your chosen field with the passion that sometimes takes you beyond your specialty and expertise.   That is why, as your accountant, CPA, consultant and business strategist we embrace the opportunity to surround you with the tools you need to keep your world moving.


Our experience working with high wage earners and wealthy individuals for over 25 years, affords you a uniqueness we bring to assist you in almost any direction you might go. We do the heavy lifting and work closely with you and other trusted advisors on your behalf.  Whether you are looking for our full service Business Management services or any of the individual needs below, we are standing by and ready to assist.  


Services available:

  • Accounting and reporting

  • Bill paying 

  • Compliance and risk management

  • Insurance review and implementation

  • Captive/Self insurance tax and accounting  

  • Data management

  • Banking and Finance

  • Business strategy through execution

  • Aviation acquisition, disposition and management 

  • Boat and Yacht Management

  • Real estate acquisition, disposition and management

  • Collection and valuables management

  • Human resource services

  • Document management 

  • Investment management 

  • Income tax planning, compliance and strategy

  • Specialized services and family education 

  • Philanthropic planning

  • Wealth advisory

So many people at all levels look to people with money for an opportunity to take a product, their concept or a service to market.  Even if they a trusted source or confidant to you, chances are they can’t always be thinking of you and your best interest.  


Friends and contemporaries may have great intentions, but you need your own champion.  You need someone who is completely objective and at the same time understands your goals, and speaks on behalf of you.

Telephone: (949) 474-8500




Fax: (949) 474-8510

1401 Quail Street, Suite 140​


Newport Beach, CA 92660


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