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The Illuminare management team has worked closely with wealthy families, innovators, entrepreneurs, sports and entertainment professionals and the businesses that they own collectively for several years.  We work closely within our trusted advisor network to seek out the solutions our unique group of clientele have on an ongoing basis.  


As innovators and entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand all to well how life can get in the way of accomplishing your goals. That is why we combined two unique strengths to offer you a "one stop" solution to keeping your world moving.  Our full service personal CFO, Tax, Audit and CPA division is complemented by our true strategy through execution team of entrepreneurs and trusted advisors.  Our family office and business management service team knows the value of your time, and makes that time our business.  

We understand how important it is in today’s business environment for you to want to reach beyond your expertise or the business that got you here, so we have made it our mission to do the heavy lifting on your new business venture, real estate purchase, Insurance review, etc.  Our team works closely with you while surrounding ourselves with our own outsourced team trusted advisors to make sure that the business side of your decision keeps moving forward.  We focus on the team because so many people at all levels look to people with money for an opportunity to take a product, their concept or a service to market, which tends to create an unloved playing field or emotional involvement from you to that person or people.


As your team manager we become an extension of you and what you are trying to accomplish and work hard to preserve your existing financial well being and act as a gatekeeper for you, your money, and the opportunities that will keep coming your way.   



As an outsourced partner even though we have a vested interest in your success, because we are outsourced we are able to objectively manage your expectations and at the same keep your costs low. Whether you are looking to take a product to market, invest in an existing ongoing business venture, or looking to create your own brick and mortar or internet based business we are there to serve you. 

We work and have worked closely with clients in the following disciplines just to name a few: 


  • Emerging technologies

  • MedTech

  • Technology

  • Restaurants

  • Manufacturing

  • Cannabis 

  • Distribution

  • Real Estate

  • Product Placement

  • Licensing Content

  • Film and Music

  • Sports and Fitness 


Telephone: (949) 474-8500




Fax: (949) 474-8510

1401 Quail Street, Suite 140​


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